The Mandingo Ethnic Group

By: Elisha Winbush & Destiny Spears


The Mandingo ethnic group is located in Western Sahara Region. They are found in the countries of Mali,Senegal, and Guinea.


They speak the language of Senegal. The main language of Senegal is French.


The majority of the Mandingo people are Muslim. About 98% of Mandingo people are Muslim. They do such rituals as praying five times a day and praying towards Mecca.


They eat traditional Gambian food. One example of this food is Benechin.

The Mandingo Ethnic group in size.

About eleven million Mandingo people in West Africa.


The homes are round or rectangular. It's built with sun dried bricks with a tin roof. There is no electricity in these homes. This is a rural type of home.

Clothing of the Mandikas

Men wear a clothing called a Boubou. This clothing is a wide robe with sleeves. Women wear long grabs with symbols on them.


Cattle can be sacrificed to gain prestige. Many see Marabouts to seek healing,protective amulets, and insight into the future.

History w/ Europeans

They had their first interaction in 1455 when the Portuguese came over looking for gold,but instead they had gotten people that were loss war fighters and turned them into slaves. The Mandinka started to become rich capturing people to be slaves for the Europeans. This put tribes even more against eachother as a result. Then the Europeans set up a slave stop there which weakened the Mandinka's revenue.