Caketown Elementary School Update

Advances coming to our school next fall!

Dear parents/guardians of our rising 1st graders,

We are pleased to announce, that starting in the fall of 2015, we will become a B.Y.O.D school. The acronym simply means Bring Your Own Device! I know you're wondering what exactly is a B.Y.O.D school. Well, it's where students and teachers are allowed to bring a technology device of their choice to school for an activity/project. This will allow students to dive deeper into their education and make lessons a lot more fun! Schools that have already brought B.Y.O.D. to their schools have already had a tremendous increase in student involvement in the classrooms and an increase in test scores!

We will be bringing multiple fun, exciting activities to our 1st graders next fall. Including using the devices to go on scavenger hunts, using apps to create quizzes to review for upcoming tests, and so much more. This is a fun, effective, inexpensive tool that will benefit not only the students, but the parents and teachers as well. Below are some other useful resources along with my personal contact information. Feel free to reach out to me iff you have any additional questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you all next fall!

Multiple devices are welcome!

Contact me!

Eboni Wimbley

Technology Specialist

Caketown Elementary School