Writing with Technologies

Chapter 7


Writing is a complex activity with many components within it, such as:

  • Setting Goals
  • Planning
  • Idea Organization
  • Composition of text
  • Editing
Technology can enhance the writing process not only in an individual setting, but also in a collaborative setting.

Collaborative Writing

"Collaborative writing refers to written works that are created by multiple people tougher rather than individually." There are three different ways to have collaborative writing:

  1. Create it working together
  2. Create separate components individually, then work together to combine it
  3. Sequentially work together to create it through a sequence of activities
Learners work together to brainstorm ideas, create an outline, generate content, edit, and provide feedback. Collaborative writing can be done online using document sharing tools. Some tools include Google Docs, Kolabora, and Zoho. These online sharing tools can:

  • Import documents
  • Share documents
  • Share revision history
  • Provide generous storage space
  • Control editing privileges of users
  • Create Comments
  • Publish documents for viewing

Peer Feedback

Peer Feedback has been proven to be a very beneficial part of the writing process. Students receive feedback from their peers, rather than from their teacher, which seems to motivate them more. The great part about it is that all these online tools we discussed previously have made it easy for peer feedback because almost every site has the function to write comments.


Meaningful Learning with Technology Fourth Edition by Jane L. Howland, David Jonassen, and Rose M. Marra.