December News

Mrs. Kizee & Ms. Mark


Up next in math we will be working on Place Value to 1000. Students will be learning ways to count and compare two-digit numbers. We will also be introducing greater than, less than, and equal to. Students will also create models for one's. tens, and hundreds. We will also be reading and writing numbers. This is an area that sometime requires extra practice for students! They will need to be able to read both the digit up to the thousands, as well as spell the number words. We will also be using a 120 chart to increase our number sense. Students will need to know how to determine what numbers are 10 more and 10 less.

Writing & Science

Writing and Science continue to merge with a hands on interactive format of students designing lab reports and conducting experiments! We already designed some pretty awesome ramps. Ask the kids what they will be creating next! Students are coming up with their own designs and have the freedom to be creative and explore the concepts of forces and motion through trial and error!


This month in Reader's Workshop we are using the mentor text Fly Away Home by Eve Bunting to teach context clues and predictions. Students are also using Google Classroom to work on a graphic organizer to sequence the story and identify key story elements. This is a very unique story about a father and son that live in an airport. Students are able to dialogue about the text and have discussions that increase their comprehension. We will also be using the Polar Express as a mentor text to reteach connections.

Myon & ST Math

We are encouraging students to log on to both of these sites if they have access at home! They are both great resources for reading and math!

The Basics of Blogging & Connected Classrooms!

We will be introducing the basics of blogging over the next few weeks! Using the platform KidsBlog students will be creating blog post about books they are reading in class and at home. We are also looking to connect with an international classroom that we can video chat with using Google Connected Classrooms! We will keep you posted on both of these exciting ventures in our class!

Word Study & Sight Words

Our word study groups are moving right along with their patterns! We also continue to pull sight words from their writing to work with during our word work session each day. This is a list of some of the words that students need to know by the end of second grade, as well as the words that they will be introduced to in third grade. This list can also be used as a form of practice. For example we have students use everything from play dough, paint, markers, wiki sticks and more to practice these words. Students can also write stories using the words on the list. We look at their writing to see words they are attempting to use from this list and place them on index cards for them to practice.
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