The Amazing Earth

By Brandon Pettigrew

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is the 9th largest waterfall in the world. A lot of people come to Niagara Falls, about 14 to 20 million people everyday. when you get there there is a lot of things to do, you can go on a platform and go to the top and see it from there you might not get as wet as you would when you go on the boat ride. The boat ride goes near the falls you will most likely get wet when you go on the boat ride. i would bring a camera to get some photos to show your friends when you get back home. The falls are located in New York, USA.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is 277 river miles long, 18 miles wide and 1 mile deep the Grand Canyon is the biggest canyon in the world. I would bring your camera so you wont miss out on some cool opportunists for picture. It is also one of the seven wonders of the world. the Grand Canyon has over 5 million visitors everyday.

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the biggest mountain in the world. Mount Everest is a volcano but it does not erupt anymore. Mount Everest is over 60 million years old. Its on the boarder of china. Mount Everest rows two inches every year. If you want to climb it it cost over 50,000 dollars and it gets colder the closer you get to the top. Watch out for avalanches! Sometimes it gets -80 degrees Fahrenheit. Bring your camera or you will miss amazing photos to show your friends back home.

Packing List


A really heavy coat, clotes to keep you warm, clothes to keep you cool, rain coat/water proof jacket, camera, clothes you dont care if they get wet.

Travel Tips

Drink a lot of water read signs don't go to close to the edge

Getting To Know Earth

If you get closer to the poles the colder it gets and the closer to the equator the warmer it is. we have time zones witch there are different times in different places we also have climate zones on earth too.

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