Ancient Greece

By: Madison Novotny


Ancient Greece first began before are time. They where all the way back in the B.C. times. Anient Greece did not believe one all mighty god, instead they believed in myths, like Ancient Gods, ones of elenent such as the sea and weather, earth and other element as such.This project you are about to read is about the Ancient Greece and how they survived for so long along with there journrys along the way. my first topic is The Beginings Of Ancient Greece. Continuing that is the Early Wanders and then The Athens Rise To Power.

The beginings Of Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece first started between 1900 and 1600 B.C. The Greeks people called themselfs the Hellens. The first group that invaded the Hellens are called the Fair-Haired Athens. When the invaders invaded other Greek groups and towns they had no humanity. When they destroyed Aegeon cities/ towns they slowly settled and gained there culture aswell. So that is how it all began' along with power as they changed.

The Early Wanders

People think that the invaders journyed sothward on there travels.They brought there families and some goods with rough oxcarts. In spring they would stop and farm. Then gradully they settled down in communities ruled by kings asnd Elders. The Athens traded with a group of traders xalled the Phoenieions.

Athens Rise To Power

The Athens fleet became an intermant when they finally defeated the Persisans in 480 B.C. in the battle of Salamis. Three years later then Salamis, the Athens joined together all the islands and cities of the Asian coast islands into a confedercy as a defence against Perdia. It was called Delian Leage because it had a variaty of treasures there. Then in another life this confedercy became an Atheration Empire. After that, fame and fortine came to the Athens along with power as they changed. Therefor they continued higher then average of intrests then any other sociaty.


In these past few paragraphs I learned how Ancient Greece came to be. They where invaded became simular to them. Along with how they moved, struggled, and the became famous. They where invaded and the invaders became simular to them. These three topics, The Begings, The Early Wanders, and how the Athens Rose To Power, tought me allot about Ancient Greece. I hope you enjoyed learning and reading this!


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