Go Cook for Your Pet Day!

Cook a nice meal for your pet!

What is Go Cook for Your Pet Day

If you truly love your pet, you will enjoy this holiday. To thank your pets for their loyalty and affection make them a homemade meal! Think about it, while you eat delious meats, fruits, vegetables and many other varieties of food, your loyal companions are eating the exact same brown dehydrated niblets every single day. So mix it up, cook for your pet!

When is Go Cook for Your Pet Day

Though it would be very nice to cook for your pet every day many people cant the official holiday is November 1st

Why This Should be a National Holiday

Make a meal for your pet day should be a national holiday for many reasons but mainly because our pets are die hard loyal to us. Spend a day off and spend it with your pet, cook for your pet on this special day. Pets and all animals deserve this, there shouldn't have to be another reason. So give us this day for the dogs, cats, birds, fish and whatever other pet you have!
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