November 16-20

ANBL is over and we're back in the classroom!

Friday at ABNL

Our last day at Annie's BIG Nature Lesson was another busy day packed with learning. Students learned about glaciers from our expert speakers, Mr. Doug Murphy, our Technology Director, and Dr. Peter Kaekala. Third graders also learned about the history of Bath and considered who or what was "on the spot" before Bengel Wildlife Center was built. We spent our observation time taking a "goodbye" walk and mentioning favorite memories from the week. Thank you to the parents that took time off and spent the day helping and learning along with their child.


This week students will read the selection, The Wolf, written by Becky Bloom. This fantasy story is entertaining and humorous. Students will distinguish between fantasy and reality by deciding if the settings or characters could exist in real life, and whether the plot events could actually happen. In grammar, students will learn about suffixes and learn four suffix rules which will help them determine how to make nouns plural. Most of the time students just add the letter -s. This week they will learn to form the plural if a word ends in a consonant and y, they change the y to i and –es. In spelling, students will learn that a consonant digraph is two or more letters that stand for one sound. The consonant digraphs ch and tch stand for the /ch/ sound. Words this week come from Unit 2/Week 2 and have the /ch/ sound.


In writing, students will write an informational piece on one of the topics at ABNL. Each day when we returned from the center, students filled out the planning graphic organizer for the topic of the day. They have notes on water, plants, rocks, and glaciers. They will choose their own topic and write a 5-paragraph informational report on what they learned. The goal is to have these completed by Thanksgiving Break (fingers crossed!).


We will begin Chapter 3 in GOMath "Understand Multiplication". This chapter is an introduction to the concept of multiplication and students recognizing equal groups. Students will learn several strategies to help them find the product. Nothing beats memorization, though, for quick math fluency. Getting a set of flash cards and reviewing them a couple of times a week can be helpful.

PTA Silent Auction Theme Basket

The annual silent auction hosted by the PTA will be held during the Carnival on Thursday, November 19. Third Grade's theme for the annual PTA Silent Basket Auction is Family Movie Night. Any item you would be able to donate toward this cause is greatly appreciated. The PTA is requesting all donations be submitted by Tuesday, November 17. All proceeds from the auction will go to PTA sponsored programs for the students.
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Important Dates

November 19 PTA Carnival

November 25 Half Day; dismissal at 12:05 PM

November 26-27 NO SCHOOL Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping