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Wednesday 24th November


We have overheard a few concerns that our children have "missed out on so much this year." Please come and talk to us about what we are doing (or have planned to do) before getting too upset about what you see as 'not happening'.

I would like to assure our school community that our children are happy to be able to be at school with their friends and classmates. We have tried to ensure that school life is stable and routine for everyone (children and staff) and that 'COVID anxiety' is kept to a minimum. Lots of events have had to be cancelled this year, not just for our school children but for everyone in New Zealand. It is becoming our 'new normal' and something we need to accept and move on from.

We have planned activities as we head to the end of the year.

  • 30 Nov we were to have John Parsons with us for a session on Cybersafety. This has now been moved to a virtual session for the children in Rooms 5, 6, 7. The parent session has also been moved to a virtual one. The link will be available via seesaw later in the week.
  • From Monday 6th Dec our Year 8 children may wear mufti for the remainder of the year (except for Prize Giving on 14th Dec)
  • Monday 6 & Tuesday 7th are the Room 7 'Camp alternative' with a day out in NP followed by a day of activities as chosen by those in Room 7.
  • Friday 10th will be the whole school 'Big Day In' with a barbeque lunch, activities and swim.
  • Monday 13th we will be holding our Tryathlon for children in Rooms 3 - 7. Parents will be able to view their child's event from a specified spectator area, with masks to be worn. Times to be: Junior (Rooms 3 / 4) 9.30am -10.30am. Intermediate (Rooms 4 / 5) 10.45am - 11.45am and Seniors (Rooms 6 / 7 ) 12 -1pm. parents are asked to view their child's event and then to leave.
  • Tuesday 14th will be the first of the end of year assemblies. As we need to restrict the number of parents these will be: Room 5 & 6 11am and Room 7 1.30pm (please note this time has changed from 2pm as stated in last week's newsletter).
  • Wednesday 15th Room 3 / 4 assembly

Please note that there will be restricted numbers of adults to all assemblies so you will be asked to RSVP closer to the time. Should we be under 'Red' in the Traffic Light system then it may be that no adults will be able to attend.

We should know more as we get closer to the end of the term.

  • Thursday 16th Dec school will finish at 12.30pm.

Well done...

Big picture

Touch Rugby

Last night was the final round of touch rugby. A big thank you to all coaches for your time and for willingly sharing your expertise. All Ngaere teams performed very well. An extra congratulations to the year 7-8 Lightning team who completed the season undefeated.
Big picture

  • Amelia - Cheerleading "Super Stunter" winner. On the 23 October Amelia and her cheer team, Nitro competed virtually in the Australian majors cheerleading competition. They did a perfect routine and after working really hard all year, were awarded first place in Grade 2 cheer sports, and runner up Grand Champions.

  • Riko H - an ex Ngaere School student who was named as Head Boy for Stratford High School 2022. We're super proud of you and your core Ngaere values!

School Photos

Over the next day or so you should all receive your individualised code to view individual, sibling and class photos. You are then able to purchase photos if you wish to. instructions will be included with your code. If you are experiencing difficulties or do not have access to a digital device Jenny in the office is available to help you.

Class Games

Thanks to a grant received from the TuManawa Trust the school sports leaders, with assistance from our LSC Kat and TA Emily, chose a range of sport and PE equipment for children to use during lunchtime play.

We went around the classrooms and surveyed the school about the games they wanted to play at lunchtime and playtime.

The teachers then asked us what game we would like to teach. They asked us to think about how we were going to adapt our game for children with different needs and abilities.

School Swimming

The pool is a very warm 25 -26 degrees and with the warmer days all classes are enjoying being able to use it. Swimming for the younger children (Rooms 1 & 2) will be at the discretion of the class teacher and weather dependent.

There has been no firm decision yet about the opening of the school pool over the summer months. We will be guided by advice received from the Ministry of Health & Ministry of Education and our understanding of the traffic light system with regards to 'enforcing' vaccination status.

Should the pool not be open to the public we ask that all outstanding keys be returned before the end of the year.

Writing from Room 2

In the weekend……

Yesterday I went to Grandad Bull’s birthday. We had a banana cake. It was fun. James

On Friday me and my friend went to the skate park. We had a skateboard challenge. The challenge was to do the best trick. I did a kick flip. I won. It was fun. Jahan

If I was ….

If I was a bird I would be a magpie. I would steal people’s fish and chips at the beach. Carter

If I was a bird flying around the room I would not like people throwing stuff at me. Someone made a net to try and catch me. Connor

If I was a worm I would be a bookworm. Everyday I would read books non-stop. It would be good. Ben

If I was a bird I would be a flamingo because they are pink and very pretty. My owner will feed me water and worms because they are slimy. Alexx

If I was a bird I would be scared of people. I would like to be in the library. Rafa

If I was a bird and I was stuck in a classroom I would find a big door and fly out. I would hate people throwing things at me. I would not like it. Lacey

Room 6 Art

Room 1

Room 1 are the group in charge of our chickens. Each day they collect the food scraps, feed them, check they have water and collect any eggs.

This week they planted some of the tomato plants we received from the EnviroSchool facilitator. We were also given a peach and an apricot tree which we have planted in our orchard area.

You are welcome to come along in the school holidays and have a picnic in our outdoor area.

PTA News

  • Thank you to those who supported the CCC Clothing fundraiser. All orders have been given out. Please check your child has brought it home!
  • Next meeting 7pm 8th December
  • Please settle all uniform accounts before the end of term.

What's Coming Up...

24 Nov - Board Meeting

26 Nov - Yr 8 Orientation at SHS

30 Nov - Safety Online workshop - Room 5, 6 & 7 via Zoom

30 Nov - John Parson's Parent workshop via Zoom

6 Dec - Room 7 'Day out'

7 Dec - Room 7 'Day In'

10 Dec -Whole School 'Big Day In'

13 Dec - Tryathlon Years Rooms 3 -7

13 Dec - End of year reports home

14 Dec - Senior Prize Giving (Year 7 & 8) 1.30pm / room 5 & 6 11.15am

15 Dec - Room 3 & 4 Assembly 2pm

16 Dec - School finishes at 12.30pm