Southeast Asia Culture

By: Mackenzie Roberts


Absolute Location:

  • The absolute location of Nepal is 28ºN, 84º E.
  • The absolute location of Bhutan is 27.4ºN, 90.4º E.
  • The absolute location of Bangladesh is 24ºN, 89.9ºE

Relative Location:

  • Southeast Asia is North of Bay of Bengal and North of the Indian Ocean
  • Southeast Asia is East of India
  • Southeast Asia is South of Russia
  • Southeast Asia is West of Burma.


Physical Characteristics:

  • Two of these three countries are landlocked, Bangladesh is the only one of these three that has a coast
  • All three of these countries have a wet and dry season and very similar weather patterns because of where they are located.
  • They all three have a lot of flooding problems and hazards, which would lead me to believe that they have a lot of rivers because only one of the three is on the coast. Bangladesh has over 700 rivers.
  • They all three also have many forests and jungles.
  • They all have numerous mountains Bangladesh is probably the least mountainous area because it is near the ocean. Nepal is home to Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world.
  • Both Bhutan and Nepal touch India and China.

Human Characteristics:

  • I have looked at all of these countries and have I not found that many similarities in human characteristics. One of the few similarities they have is that their roads are bad so travel isn't to good. They are all also not very technologically advanced. They are not very similar because they all speak different languages, religions, etc.

Human & Environment Interaction

Depend: They all are big farming countries, that is how they get their food they depend on this industry for some of their food.

Modify: They modify their environment when they are farming by plowing the fields, etc. They build dirt roads because that is all that is available to them.

Adapt: They adapt to the environment because they have extremely poor roads, they adapt to these by riding bikes, and walking around to places. They all have wet and dry seasons so they have to adapt to what they wear, etc.


People: People almost always never use cars, they rely on bikes and their own two feet to get around because in all three of these countries there are very poor dirt roads, and almost no paved roads.

Goods: Most goods get around by boat because all three of these countries have a lot of waterways

Ideas: None of these places are that technologically advanced, so ideas don't get around as quickly because internet and cell phones are not common things there.