Salamander Axolotl

Osher and Itai

Answer the questions

Animal: Salamander Axolotl.

The axolotl lives in high altitude freshwater lakes close to Mexico City.

The axolotl eats meat.

It can grow back body parts like legs, tail and parts of brain or heart.

It sleeps from sunrise to sunset.

The axolotl lives 10 - 20 years.

The axolotls are young, or larva, of salamander.

The axolotls are special because they can stay as larva all its life without changing into a grown up salamander.

Salamander Axolotl

1.The most common colors of the axolotl are: black, white, pink, gray and brown.

2.The average length of the axolotl is 15cm-45 cm.

3.The axolotl has a flat head.

4.The axolotl has feather like gills.

5.Unlike the salamander, the axolotl has soft moist skin, not scales.




sleeping axolotl