Hardware and software.

How does technology influence our lives?

What is hardware and software?

To unlock the mysteries behind hardware and soft ware me must understand their differences and what they are. Hard ware is the basic physical parts of a computer where as the software in the computer is a programme for a resource e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint is software and the monitor is the hardware.

What is hardware used for:

The following items are hardware components:

  • A Bluetooth dongle-is used to transmit blue tooth signals.
  • A card reader-used for reading cards.
  • A DVD drive-to watch DvDs
  • Hard drive-used for storing data.
  • headphones.-used for listening to music.

What is software used for :

  • Microsoft PowerPoint-to create presentations
  • The internet- used for research and search.
  • Android- is used in a brand of phones
  • python-is used to teach young people to programme
  • ITunes- is used to buy music and others.
  • Apple store-Is used to buy several items
  • Google-Is used to search.
  • Google play-is used to download apps and games.
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The future of hardware and software?

Manufactures are developing smartphone so that they are more like personal computers.

Scientists are developing quicker and more efficient ways of printing in 3d and engineers are developing more efficient 3-d doodlers.

Computer System Hardware & Software.