September Newsletter 2015

Story Book Hollow - Growing and Learning Together

Back to School

The summer just flew right on by! The new school year begins next week and we are so excited for all that is planned. Be prepared to see you a lot of growth in your child, they will learn new things and flourish like never before. Please make sure that if sign up for our Remind system. This will ensure that you will get a text message when there is inclement weather or anytime we send out something that is reminder. The instructions are below in the last portion of the newsletter. Please make sure you like our Facebook page so you see all of the fun activities your child will be talking about. Cheers to a fun and exciting school year!

Infant News

We can't believe how big our babies are getting! Every day they reach new milestones and amaze us. We have been working with the older babies to eat more independently, using forks and spoons and encourage them to use words every day. They're all doing great!! Hats off to Gavin - he's taken off and is walking everywhere. And, he turned the big 1 year old!! Brandon and Aiden are chasing him around the class and Gavin is trying to race them. James is standing on his own and scaling the furniture. He will be walking in no time. Aiden's vocabulary has skyrocketed. He is saying "grandma" and "I love you". Brandon is starting to speak in full sentences and we can barely keep up with him. This is Brandon's last month in the Infant room, he will be moving up to the Toddler class. Lillana is walking in her own as well. Her birthday is this month. Happy 1st birthday Lilliana! All that tummy time paid off for Zoey. She is sitting up on her own, great job Zoey!! We would like to welcome Maya to our infant room. She is 4 months old and will learn so much from all of the other babies.

Toddler News

Summer has come to an end and we are now focusing on the school year. We would like to welcome Carmelo to our class. You'll meet so many new friends and learn so much. This is month we will be focusing on learning our new routine as well as becoming more independent. September is a time for apples so we will be sampling apples and painting with them for projects. During circle time we will continue to work on recognizing our name and our friend's names. There will also be lots of work learning about letters, shapes, colors, numbers, patterning and so much more. We have so much planned to keep us busy and active. There will also be a lot of fine motor work as we prepare for being able to cut and color more independently.

Preschool News

What a fun summer we had!! We will miss those who graduated, however, we wish them luck in kindergarten. We would like to welcome Connor, Emma and Penelope to our class and everyone who has returned after summer. We can not wait for you to see all we have in store for your child this year. As we start to learn our new routine we will focus on learning about ourselves. What our favorite things are, how we are alike and different and charting those similarities/differences. We will be exploring apples and our senses. Comparing them, painting with them and discussing things that could be made with them. That will segway into getting in tune with all five of our senses. What do apples feel like? Smell like? Taste like? There will be activities to hone in on each sense at a time and then all together.


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