GERO Courses for Spring 2015

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GERO Courses to Fit Your Program and Your Interests

GERO 5100, Section 001–Hot Topics in the Biology of Aging, 1 credit

(1 cr; Mondays, 9:05 am – 9:55 am, MTRF 2-204)

A platform for understanding major issues surrounding biological research in aging.
GERO 5100, Section 002–Aging and Society, 2 credits

(2 cr; Thursdays, 2:30 pm – 4:25 pm, East Bank)

Approved as an elective in the PHAP policy track. Examining interactions between older adults and social institutions
GERO 5110 – The Biology of Aging, 3 credits

(3 cr; Mondays, 4:40 pm – 7:40 pm, East Bank, offered spring every year)

Understanding more about physical changes of healthy aging, and about changes of aging-related diseases.
GERO 5115 – Introduction to Geriatrics, 2 credits

(2 cr; S-N only, online course, offered fall, spring, summer every year)

Completely online, an overview of a variety of topics and approaches to providing geriatric care.
GERO 5125 – Gerontology Service Learning, 3 credits

(3 cr; class meetings arranged and online, offered fall, spring, summer every year)

In-person and online instruction. Gain first-hand knowledge by working with a residential community of senior citizens.