Fourth Grade News

Mrs. Combi, Mrs. DeGrendel, and Mrs. Gates


Mrs. Skinner's Newest Addition

Hadley Eleanor Skinner was born on March 6 at 1:18 am. She weighed in at 7 lbs .8 oz. Both of them are doing well and Mr. and Mrs. Skinner are in love with their little girl!

Digital Book Club

Some of our students piloted a digital book club. They read an e book and responded to the reading they did using Edmodo on the Chrome Books.
Book Clubs


In writing we are currently in the drafting process of writing informational books. Students chose a topic they already know well, as this unit doesn't include a lot of research. Our focus is on non fiction text features and text structure. We have practiced writing in several different text structures such as description, sequence, compare and contrast, and problem and solution. With each chapter of our informational books we have practiced using topic sentences and supporting details. Each chapter will also include key vocabulary terms. Most students are enjoying this writing piece, as they are all writing about things that interest them.


We are just finishing our third week of math workshop. Ask your child what stations they completed this week. Our structure of math workshops is a bit different than a typical math classroom.

The students complete a complex word problem independently upon entering the classroom. After a classroom discussion about the problem, we move on to a mini-lesson. That mini-lesson lasts anywhere from 5-15 minutes focusing on one math standard. For example, today we focused on finding equivalent fractions when they do not start with like denominators. After the mini-lesson, they students break into groups, based on their academic needs to complete 1 or 2 stations. After the stations, we try to have a quick wrap up to make sure they have a firm understanding of the standard.

Switching to this format gives me the opportunity to give your much more small group instruction and one-on-one instruction. Once we master the routine of math workshop, I will be pulling individuals and small groups to focus on intervention and enrichment,

We are really excited about the transformation. When the students were surveyed, 100% of students preferred our new math workshop format, versus our previous math instruction.

Please let me know if you ever need additional math resources or practice for your children at home!

Remember Moby Max and Xtra Math provide great at home learning opportunities.

Science/Social Studies

Social Studies

Today was our third and final government vocab test! We will finish up this unit the week of March 17 when we return to social studies. The final government test is scheduled for March 21. You may have seen that the kids had social studies homework! After all the grumbles, they actually do seem excited to survey their parents and other family members! :) This is due March 17 to give your child plenty of time to call/email relatives, if needed.


Next week we kick off with our Magnetism and Electricity unit. This one is a lot of fun! Monday we'll be exploring the properties of magnets.

The final test grades for the Properties and Changes in Matter test are posted in Synergy. Because this is a district test the kids won't be bringing it home with them.