Decisions, Decisions, Decide!

By Jackie Tierney

Do you ever think, “Why so many decisions?” Then use this six step decision making process: define, estimate, consider, gather, decide, evaluate. You will use the process countless times, I know I do!

Define The Decision

I was at Claire’s, with twenty dollars to spend. I needed new earrings, preferably multicolored. I searched the rack, and found two pairs. I could get gummy bear earrings, or watermelon earrings. I could afford only one pair.

Estimate Resources Available

To help me decide which pair to purchase, I had to estimate my resources available. I have $20 with me, as well as knowledge of the price of each pair. The gummy bear earrings were $11, and the watermelon earrings were $8. My mom was at Claire’s with me, so I could get her opinion, as well as my sisters’.

Consider The Alternatives

If I decided to choose the gummy bear earrings, I would get 5 pairs; however, they weren’t multicolored. If I choose the watermelon pair, I would get only one pair; however they were multicolored, and glittery. The gummy bear earrings would leave me with only $8 left, and the watermelon would leave me with $11 left.

Information Gather

To choose, I gathered information. The gummy bear earrings were $11, containing 5 pairs, and shiny. The watermelon earrings were $8, single pair, multicolored, and glittery. The watermelon earrings would match with more of my outfits.

Decide and Evaluate The Decision

I decided on the watermelon earrings instead of the gummy bear earrings. I decided on the watermelon earrings, because the watermelon would match with more of my outfits,

and cheaper. I would wear the watermelon more through out the years. With this choice, I got another pair of earrings, disco-balls, for free!