Welcome to St. Vincent's SCRIP!

Support your school and earn cash for your family!

SCRIP is an innovative and effective fundraiser!

St. Vincent's is blessed with families who appreciate the value of a good education, and understand how important it is to their children's future. As a result, they choose to prioritize that expense in their family budget. The actual costs related to that education, however, increase every year, leading to increased tuition.

SCRIP is an incredibly effective and innovative way to reduce your tuition expenses every year. The monies earned from SCRIP are used to 1) reduce or eliminate fees charged throughout the year, and 2) create direct tuition credits for our school families.

Below is a brief summary of St. Vincent's SCRIP program. If you'd like to have more details, please contact us anytime! We'd be glad to answer any questions you might have!


What is SCRIP?

SCRIP (Substitute Currency Reaps In Profits) is the ONLY ongoing fundraiser for our school.

We don't sell wrapping paper, pizzas, candles or magazines because we choose not to...SCRIP is a much more effective fundraiser. No door-to-door sales, no overpriced gadgets to buy or sell.


How Does SCRIP Work?

The most important thing to remember is this: IT COSTS YOU NOTHING!!

"SCRIP" is simply a gift certificate/gift card from one of our participating merchants. St. Vincent's is able to purchase these gift cards from the merchants at a discount, then offer them for sale to our families at face value. The discount offered by the merchant then becomes our "profit" and is the only component that makes this a fundraiser for our school.

When you purchase gift cards for items that you would purchase anyway (think groceries, gas, restaurant), you pay face value and receive face value...there's no extra cost to you!


Why should we buy SCRIP?

The answer is simple: Other than tuition, SCRIP is one of the largest single ongoing sources of funding for your child's education here at St. Vincent's.

We need the funds generated from SCRIP sales to pay for enhancements and enrichments that aren't included in the school's regular operating budget. SCRIP proceeds reduce and/or eliminate fees charged to parents for things like field trips, guest speakers, class trips, Grandparent's Day, Missoula, Literacy Night, Artist in Residence, Young Authors, etc. as well as things such as nurse's clinic supplies, classroom supplies, playground equipment, etc.

EVERY FAMILY should participate in SCRIP, because EVERY FAMILY benefits from SCRIP! This will help St. Vincent's to continue providing the excellent education that our students deserve and our parents expect.

Tuition credits: At the same time you're helping to enrich your student's education, you could also be earning credits toward next year's tuition! We split the profits with you 50/50....50% goes back to the school, and the other 50% goes to YOU in the form of tuition credits.

It's definitely a win-win.....why WOULDN'T everyone buy SCRIP??


How much can we earn?

There's no limit to how much you can earn. Families who purchased on a regular basis last year routinely earned $200+. See the attached flyer "How Much Can I Earn?" for more ideas!

Sounds good....how do I place a SCRIP order?

There are many ways to order SCRIP....just use whichever one is most convenient for you!

1) SCRIP is sold at school every Monday and Friday morning. Order forms are available in the school office and on the school website www.saintv.org under "Current News". Send your order form along with your payment (cash or check) to school with your student; all orders are delivered to the SCRIP office, filled and returned to the student to take home that same day. (Note that you also have the option of picking up the order yourself in the school office if you want...just mark that on your form.)

NOTE: An order form is attached to this flyer

2) SCRIP is sold in the church Gathering Space on the weekends: Saturdays after 5:00 mass, Sundays from 8-11:00am and after Lifeteen Mass.

3) Online sales: our newest option is buying SCRIP online! Check out www.shopwithscrip.com for more info. If you are interested, contact us in the SCRIP office right away; we can give you all the details and help you get signed up for the online option.


St. Vincent's SCRIP Team

Margee Tippmann and Danielle Ball - SCRIP Coordinators

Please feel free to contact us any time...we're always glad to answer questions, help you place an order, place a special order for you, etc. Looking forward to hearing from you!