Badminton study guide

By: Autumn Hellenbrand

History and origin of badminton

The history of badminton started back at least 2,000 years ago, it started in ancient civilisations in Europe and Asia. The game badminton was know before as, "battledore" meaning bat or paddle. Also in the 1600s the game Battledore was a game a lot of people played to past time in England an also many European countries.

Five badminton shooting types

There are five types of shots in badminton. When hitting the shuttlecock with your badminton raket your oponite will get the shuttleock send back over the net, once its sent back over, you have a choice of five different shots. The Clear shot,the Drop shot, the Drive shot, the Smash shot,and the Serve.

You'll enjoy the game!

Make sure your prepared!

Equipment used in Badminton

There are 5 thing that you need to play badminton, you need shoes , you need badminton accesorys ( shirt,shorts,head band,waterbottle.), you also need a badinton string, a shuttlecock, and badminton racket.

How to use the equipment

When playing badminton you need to use the equipent right, your Shuttelcock is what you use to hit over the net using your Badminton racket to hit it over. Also when using the badminton racket you need to hold the head of the racket, with your domanite hand and place your non dominate hand on the neck (shaft). You need to dress proper for the game, your going to need Badminton shoes to wear during the game.

General rule's of badminton

Badminton is a very fun games but there are some things you should know... The point of the game is to hit the Shuttlecock across court and into your opponnet's side of the net. If it hits the gorund you get a point. Whoever gest to 11 point's first wins the match.

Strategies of playing Badminton

A few strategies to playing Badminton is being able to have a game plan. You need to make sure that you know about the game to play because you dont want to go and play and not know any types of shots, or rules. Also, One strategie is being able to bale to serve along serve and high into the opponites back court, and you can also try and make your partner move form side to side of there court to make your opponite move backforth.


Attacking clear : A deep hit into the opponites court.

Backcourt : It is in the are of the boundary lines.

Backhand : offenseve player return's the ball hit by the left of a right-handed player.

Baseline : The back boundary line at each end of the court, parallel to the net.

Carry :A stroke that is is caught and held on the badminton racket before it is released it is also called a "sling" or "throw".

Clear : A clear shot that was hit deep into the opponent's court.

Doubles : A game were to played are on a offenseve team and a team with 2 oppinite players.

Doubles sideline : The boundary line of a double court.

Drive : A low and fast shot made by the offenseve player that make a horizontal flight over the net.

Drop shot : A shot hit softly and with finesse to fall rapidly and close to the net in the opponent's court.

Fault : Not following the rules of the game.

Forehand : A hit that returns the ball by the right hand.

Kill : A fast shot made and that cannot be played back.

Match : A series badminton games won over and over.

Rally : When the two players keep rallying back over and over.

Serve : A stroke sending the ball over the netcross court and the shuttlecock put into play.

Smash : A hard shit made cross court or rallying back and forth,that makes the shuttlecock downwards into the opponent's court.