Nike swish

Nike knows what it is doing

Bill Bowerman continues his Journey

The creator of Nike is Bill Bowerman.Nike is the Greek God of victory. Nike started in 1964 on January 25th. Nike signed deals with people so it takes five percent of their money. Nike has been open for 50 year. . What people rate Nike is a B because how Much they cost.

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What Nike is all about

Nike has 700 different locations they have 45 out of the United States. Color rush on NFL nights was made by Nike and everything that they were on that night is made by Nike so that is a big deal to because the uniforms are really cool. Nike represents sportsmanship. Nike won the Emmy award twice for there commercial.
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Nike fade away cash

Nike has 957 jobs in the USA. I found out that Nike SB means Nike skate boarding. Nike elite socks coast 15$ and that is 3 percent of there money. Nike gets most stuff from athletes. Another place Nike gets is money from is from there awesome style in there clothes.

Nike material

Just to make one pair of Nike shoes it takes 30 different material they have to use. And when you think about that is a lot of material. But the reason Nike uses so much material is because they want to make there shoes steady. Some of the material, is rubber, leather. Other soft material is polyester,nylon.
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top 5 things you did not know about the nike

Micheal Jordan is the top Nike seller.

The NBA has the biggest deal with Nike.

Nikes rivals are puma and adidas.

The Nike owner is Phil knight.

Nikes top selling shoe is leBron 11s

this is NIKES top selling commercial. And I personally like this commercial because I like the acting and I like the people, because they are good at sports. People rate this commercial really good because they take there time and edit it so much.
Nike: Snow Day