Drug Abuse

It needs to stop

Facts about Drug Abuse

Drugs have been terrorizing in many places for a long time. In 2007, 1.8 million people arrested because of drugs. 13% of teens have either done drugs or have sold them. People starting taking drugs when they got medications and then they took too much and got hooked.

Why not to take drugs


Drugs can affect a lot things and it hurts the people around you. A major thing it effects is school grades and how you act at school. This can cause you to get in trouble, bad grades, bad reputation, and bad friends. Most of the time teens start drugs are because they want to try to fit in with their friends, so I advise you to choose your friends wisely.
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The affect of drugs cause you to have bad health. Once you try it some out and then you cant stop. You will get the urge to have more and try to do more of it. It causes you to have the following: Bad breath, wrinkles on your face, they way you act, bad acne, soreness, the way your brain and body work together, and pains and aches in the body.
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Hard Work Goes right down the drain

Len Bias was a college basketball player and had worked very hard to get to where he was. The guy was killed by cocaine and he died in 1986.
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History behind drugs

During the late 1960's the media reported that most hippies and young people smoked marijuana and abused other drugs, including amphetamines, known as speed, a stimulant. Cocaine was put in the soft drink of Coca Cola in 1903. Large shipments of cocaine are worth a small fortune. Forty pounds of Cocaine might fetch 11 million.
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