Mrs. Wagler's Class Newsletter

May 2 - 6

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We worked really hard preparing our special treat this week. It is my hope that you can spend time together baking and enjoying the surprise!

Reader's Workshop

  • Phonics: Ninja consonants (silent consonants)
  • Vocabulary: Root words
  • How can series books help us with REAL LIFE problems?
  • How can series books SPARK OUR INTEREST to read nonfiction books?

Currently reading: Junie B. Jones, First Grader

Writer's Workshop

Our mentor text for the week was a book called Dear Hot Dog. We enjoyed creating our own poems about our favorite foods/drinks. We learned different forms of poetry, such as biographical, acrostic, and cinquain. We chose a favorite poem to take through the writing process and display in the hall - come check them out when you visit!


  • Measuring Longer Distances - We had fun sharing our travel interviews this week!
  • Explorations: Capacity (Ask about our macaroni experiment), finding area, and uses of measuring tools
  • Area
  • Capacity - Water Jug Exploration + Gallon Man

Lifeskill of the Week: Motivation

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THANK YOU so much for the food and drinks, school supplies, sweet letters, flowers, soaps, candles...I could keep going. :) I was so spoiled and definitely felt very appreciated this week. Love my job!

Important Dates:

Wednesday, May 11: Early Release

Specials schedule for next week:

Monday: Computer Lab

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Wellness

Friday: Computer Lab

*We visit library on THURSDAY of each week. Last day for student check out is May 18.

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