By Devon Armtrong

Overview of Holocaust

A state-sponsored murder of Jews and others during World War 2 . Adolf Hitler wanted to exterminate Jews as part of his plan to be the leader of Germany, then the world. After the holocaust 6 million Jews died.

Definition/Backround Information

Dachau was a concentration camp established in 1933. Dachau was the first concentration camp ever established by the National Socialist (Nazi) government. In the first year Dachau had 9,000 prisoners

Dachau was one of many concentration camps established in world war 2. In a concentration camp Jews weren't fed often at all, were forced into labor, or were just killed.

Original Research Question

When was Dachau established?

Dachau was established in March 1933. Other camps were established in later. About 1 year after


"Dachau did not have any gas chambers, but did have mass executions"

-Holocaust V.1


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