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In this era of digitalized world every business is going online to attract the customers. The advantages of online shopping like easy money payment methods, comparing with other products and comparing prices makes it very more comfortable for customers to shop online. At this moment local merchants are facing tough time to meet their customers. It is very difficult to local merchant to have an e commerce website. It is very expensive. So there should be some way these local merchants will meet and attract customers online. Have you ever thought is it possible to attract and meet customers online without having a site? Yes it is possible to attract customers across the world by working with Dealguaranty.com. A site which focusses on merchants benefits allows local merchant to advertise their offers and deals through the website which attracts customers across INDIA.

Dealguaranty local merchant site which benefits both merchants and consumers. Consumers will get their products and services at less price and merchants will sell more products and gains more profits. Customers ready to buy more when prices available are less and sellers ready to sell at less price when consumers available are more and this is criteria which makes it happen by Dealguaranty local merchants. This is called group buying. When people buy on group prices will come down. Customers will get more benefited with this type of shopping since like online shopping they can compare with other products, prices and group deals in INDIA. They can check their products before they buy. They can pay by any online methods.

This site concentrates on local deals in INDIA. Offers and less prices available across India. You can check special offers, discounts and group deals in India. You can compare the products and prices, you can buy whichever you like. We display coupons, latest discounts and local deals in India which helps you to buy at economical price. On daily basis we showcase some products and services with latest vouchers and offers. Make your shopping a group buying by sharing the deal with your friends, family members and colleagues with social media. These local offers and special discounts are available across India. You can buy any product and every product with available vouchers, special offers and local deals in INDIA.

These group deals in INDIA and discount shopping are available on local Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping malls, Saloons, beauty parlors, Sweets and Bakers, Cellphone and Computers, Recharge, Travel and Automobiles. You can check and buy products at your price with these special offers and discount prices, local deals in INDIA on products and services like computers courses, Health improvement with Yoga classes, special vouchers on Jewelry, Photo shoots and Photo frames, Entertainment and Fun, Doctor’s appointment, Movie and Event tickets, Books, Kids Toys, Education, and Apparel. We are everywhere from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Arunachal Pradesh to Jailsmer. We showcase local deals and special offers on any product and every product from every state, every city and every nook and corner of India. We are everywhere and provide group deals and discounts from everywhere.