1,000,000 Recreation Park

ASHLEY ,Antonio c

What It is about

It is about a Recreation Park

Recreation-activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.

How it help the community

Make people relaxed or forgetting there problems

Who benefits it

everyone the recreation park is to make just want you be relaxed.That is meaning of recreation.

Why we choose this idea

For people that want to relaxed

What it gives

relaxedness if that a word
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1.land in acre


50 acre each $3,020.00

15% of the money

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Water and Sewer

So you see in the bottom of this text that flat rate for both of them is between $20-$60 so I add both of them then divide it by 2 and I get $40 so it is $40 we pay a month
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So you see in the bottom of this text don't pay attention to the gas part only electricity part O.K good so you see the Electricity cost An average electric bill may be as low as $30 per month or as high as $100. So I did the same thing in the water part for the money.I pay $65 a month.
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So you see that you could expect to pay between $10 and $40 a month for trash pickup on Trash so you pay $25 on your trash
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Other like Consider cable, Internet, rental insurance, phone and an alarm service

So I pay between $50 and $200 a month, depending on how many I get so I pay $125
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2 Basketball court

So I well buy 2 Basketball court so people don't wait for 1 Basketball court so I buy that one in the bottom. It cost $25,000 each so $50000.


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2 Volleyball court

I well buy 2 Volleyball court because of the same thing in the Basketball court thing. It is $8,000 for this one
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4.Children park


I get one that cost $295
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1 swing

It cost $159.97
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1 Monkey Bars

It cost $2100
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5.Grilling Area

1 bench

It cost $691.85
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2 Grills

it cost $26 each so $52
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2 Park Worker

each cost $16,890 so $33780
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2 security guards

each cost $21.5 so I pay $43
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1 Janitor

I pay $350 for him
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Street lights

I will buy 10 streetlights each cost $5,000 so $50,000
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