Holocaust A Hoax

Believe What We Tell You

Party Says Holocaust A Terrible Prank

No one died in the Holocaust. Some were punished for rebellion. Six million is the most exaggerated number. We cannot speak on why those were punished, but we will inform you to not rebel against Big Brother. The Party used forms of torture such as starvation, darkness, confinement and hard labor only to get cooperation out of those who rebelled. To explain the disappearance of some; vaporization. Big Brother could not risk those who refused to cooperate to speak upon what occurred in these camps. Those who have cooperated will not rebel any longer due the knowledge of possible consequences. We cannot speak upon the location of these camps due to precaution of interference from our enemies and possible revolt. These numbers will be erased, and so will any propaganda regarding this supposed Holocaust. We do not just kill; we want Unity out of you. And we want that Unity in Big Brother. This should serve as a warning of possible punishment to all crimes, even ThoughtCrimes. The Party will not stop this practice. The Party will get cooperation.