Life in the 1700s

By: Caroline Horn


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Johann Sebastian Bach

  • Born on March 31, 1685
  • Born in Thuringia, Germany
  • Famous works include: "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor", "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" and a series called "Branenburg Concertos"
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George Frederick Handel

  • Born on February 23, 1685
  • Born in Halle, Germany
  • Famous works include: the opera "Rinaldo", "Messiah" and "Almira"
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • Born on January 27, 1756
  • Born in Salzburg, Austria
  • Famous works include: "Die Entfuhrung", the opera "The Marriage of Figaro" and the opera "The Magic Flute"


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  • Description: Stylistically complex, often naturalism and classicism coexisted in one pice of art and it often strives to entice emotion
  • Famous works include: "The Conversion of St. Paul" (Pictured above), "The Raising of the Cross" and "The Night Watch"
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  • Description: Lightness, elegance, exuberance use of curving and refined
  • Famous works include: "Lessons of Love", "Diana after the hunt" (Pictured above) and "A Lady in the Garden Taking Coffee With Some Children"
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Peasant Life

Daily Life

  • Work: Many worked on their own patches of land while some were tenants for large land owners.
  • Food: They ate mostly bread, beans, peas and vegetable (they rarely ate meat or dairy products).
  • Entertainment: They played games such as hockey, stickball, soccer and golf. They played games, often they were ones they made themselves

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