NGHE's "Teacher of the Year" Is...

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Congratulations to Carla Fallin!

We had an overwhelming number of entries for the 2015-2016 NGHE "Teacher of the Year" award. Thank you to everyone who cast their vote and wrote such wonderful responses to the question, "Why do you believe this teacher should be the NGHE Teacher of the Year?"

The winner of NGHE's first-ever honoring of its favorite teacher goes to History and Economics teacher Carla Fallin. Here are just a few of the comments submitted from the students, parents, and staff about Ms. Carla:

"Carla is the most creative history teacher I know. Her class is never dull, the students learn while having tons of fun."

"Because she's fun, creative and nice! [Ms. Carla] always tries her hardest to teach us as much as she can with only one hour each week!"

"Mrs. Fallin does an extraordinary job teaching American History to my middle school sons. She has the rare ability of making history come to life with her passionate knowledge of the subject and by engaging students with original hands on activities. Every week they come home telling us what they learned. In fact, I found her so interesting and enjoyable that I sat in a few times just to hear her teach! She is a true gem!!"

"She is nice and funny and a good teacher and my mom thinks she is the best!!!"

"I appreciate the fact that [Ms. Carla] always sends a weekly email summarizing what my kids learned in her classes and gives links to videos and additional reading to continue the learning."

"Ms. Carla is beyond special. She's warm, kind, and genuine. She's the real deal. She takes a special interest in each and every student and always goes that extra mile. You should see the planning she puts into every class! Most of our students' best memories from this year at NGHE will be from Ms. Carla and her amazing classes. NGHE is blessed to have her on their teaching team and every student who takes her class will always remember the fun way in which they learned whatever it was she was teaching."

Please Congratulate Ms. Carla on a Job Well Done!

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