Francesco Geminiani

By Erik Rodriguez


Francesco Geminiani was born in Lucca during the baroque era. He recieved music lessons from Alessandro Scarlatti a baroque composer. He was taught violin by Carlo Ambrogio Lonati in Milan and after him Arcangelo Corelli. In 1714 he left to go to London with Francesco Bansarti. In 1715 Geminiani played a concert in the presence of George the first and Handel played the keyboard. Geminiani was a teacher for a living and he taught many successful musicians such as Charles Avison, Matthew Dubourg, Michael Christian Festing, Bernhard Joachim Hagen and Cecilia Young.

Pieces of Music


Treatise on the Fundamental Principles of Violin Playing (1756)

The Art of Accompaniment on the Harpsichord, Organ, etc. (1754)

Lessons for the Harpsichord, Art of Playing the Guitar or Cittra (1760)

Interesting Facts

Geminiani's work was known for being imaginative showed expression and warmth.

No one knows the birth date of Geminiani.

It is possible that his birth date is December 3rd 1687.

He played the Sackbut.