January Challenge

Callihan's Cache Tech Challenge #2

Quizlet.com Demo

Your Quizlet Challenge (Due by January 31, 2014)

This Month's challenge is to create a Quizlet Flashcard Set using Quizlet.com

1. Go to Quizlet.com and create account (or sign in)

2. At top click "Create Set"

3. Give your "Set" a Title and Description

4. Enter Key terms on left

5. Enter corresponding definitions on right

6. Select Language for term and definition column

7. When all words/definitions are entered, choose "Create Set"

8. From main screen select this "Set" you created

9. At top choose "Share" and copy the "url" link for set

10. Compose an email and "paste" this link in email to submit your completed entry

11. Congrats you have completed January's task challenge.

Reminders: By simply using the Quizlet App students can search YOUR username to find and practice sets of terms you enter. Use the URL option a we did above to paste into Edmodo for easy access in that platform.

TIP: Search other teachers' lists to collaboratively share/use "Sets"

*Note: Example Below

**Please feel free to collaborate and work with your grade/subject areas

All entries will be entered into a drawing for an iTunes card.