"Beyond" Computer Lab Time

Katie Campbell Hays CISD Digital Learning Coach

100th Day of School

Go to www.smore.com/r4pux

Great news! You get to take your students to the computer lab for 45 minutes once a week!

There are so many great options and activities that you can do with your students in the computer lab! Today we will explore some of those options.

I hope to give you time to explore some of these resources on your own!

Which have you used before? (This will help with us managing our 20 minutes!)

Smore, Istation, Think Through Math, Netsmartz, Starfall, Google Lit Trips, Graphite from Common Sense Media, Toy Theatre, and Seussville Story Maker.

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If you want to use Think Through Math...

All students in grades 3-5 have an account.

Log in should be hays+ID Number.

Password is ID Number.

*Kris Peterson sent emails to teachers a few weeks ago. Should have your log on information there.

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Netsmartz has some great resources including lesson plans, videos and games for teaching students how to be "good digital citizens" and how to be safe online.

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Web-based program that teaches reading through phonics. No log in needed.

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Google Earth Lit Trip: Make Way for Ducklings
Google Lit Trips

Using Google Earth, teachers can create an account and have students follow the journey of famous characters from your favorite books!

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Graphite from Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is a non-profit that creates lessons and activities to help parents and teachers that promote safe technology and digital media. Graphite is part of Common Sense Media--it provides teacher reviews of apps and websites.

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Toy Theater

Options in Math, Art, Reading, Puzzles, Games and Music. This website has activities that students can do that are fun and make them think.

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Seussville Story Maker

Students can make a story with Dr. Seuss characters, backgrounds and their own text.

Thank you for your time!

Please remember if you would like any additional information or help--your Digital Learning Team is here! We are happy to come to staff meetings, PLC's or conference periods. We can help you find resources, do trainings, help with setting up Google Apps for Education and assist with iPads.

Request a DLC Link and our webpage for video resources!



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