Bear Creek Elementary Special Areas

September 20th, 2021

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A Message from The BCE Library

Hi Cubs!

It's been wonderful seeing everyone this month for library class! I’ve enjoyed our read alouds together! I am also excited to introduce our Bear Creek Book Club this year!

Ms. Saenz

Bear Creek Book Club!

Purchase a book from our special collection of birthday books. Be the first to read it and donate it to the library! Students may also choose a beloved favorite from our existing collection :)

After joining the birthday book club, Ms. Saenz will have your child choose a book and take a picture to document. The pictures will be placed on the Book Club board inside the library for recognition during that month. Students will keep the book for 2 weeks before returning it to the library for circulation.

Each book is $15 and a special book label will be placed in the book showing your child’s donation to the Bear Creek library. This is a great fundraiser for our Bear Creek library, and we appreciate your support!

Your child will choose a book during his/her regular library time. At the end of the month, the pictures from the hallway will be given to the students to take home.

Thank you for participating! We can’t wait for your child to come choose a book from the library! Your student is more than welcome to participate in more than one book club. Each month is an additional $15. For students with summer birthdays, they may choose a month of their liking.

Due to Covid precautions, payment can be made through:

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A Message From BCE PE:

Hello Bear Creek Families!

Mark your calendars - WALK TO SCHOOL WEEK is coming the week of October 4th! We are looking for adult volunteers to safely walk groups of students to school each day that week :) In PE that week the City of Austin Public Works Safe Routes to School Program will be presenting a virtual lesson on safety.

We are rocking and rolling on our throwing and catching skills in PE! Last week we introduced our K-1 students to self toss and catch and the underhand toss, and our 2nd-5th graders got to work on their overhand throwing. This week we will continue practicing these skills with a variety of learning activities.

We've begun talking to students about self assessing in PE and reflecting on what they know and can show. Below are some grade level goals for throwing and catching that students will continue to assess themselves on throughout the unit. As we move through the different units this year students will get new goals, but will continue to use the same self assessment scale that you see below.

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The Learning Goal for our throwing and catching unit is to practice a variety of ways to move a ball to another location or person. The skills in this unit include, rolling, underhand tossing, overhand throwing, and catching.

In this unit, students will learn the basics of throwing and catching a ball. They will practice both underhand rolling and underhand tossing.


This quarter, students will learn about the self-care components of identifying emotions, understanding the zones of regulation and self management strategies. Students will also learn the components of health-related fitness and how they all work together for student wellness.

PE Showcase Videos

Thank you for your continued support!

Ms. Schultz and Ms. Hazard


There was some trouble with links last week, so I thought I'd post last week's newsletter here for those of you that tried to view it but kept getting September 6th's newsletter - Sorry about that!

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