EC and LD Weekly Update

St. Richard's Episcopal School ~ 23 November 2015

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Student Spotlight

Mrs. Lingeman's students recently studied parts of leaves, leaf formations, and categorizing. Happy Fall!


1. November Fire Drill

Please remember that our November fire drill will be facilitated unannounced. We will avoid scheduling the drill during nap time. :)

2. Grandparent and Special Friend Day Practice - Mon., November 23

Per Abby's email, on Monday, LD will rehearse during first period. However, please only send SINGING DRAGONS at 8:10am. This will give us time to get them lined up in the hallway by the nursery. Everyone else should come at 8:20am. Please remind students to bring a book/homework.

3. Formal Observation Times

Now that the first trimester is complete and we are acclimated to our cherubs' individual and group strengths and areas of needed support, please begin thinking of specific dates and times of day that you would like for me to visit your classroom for your first formal observation. My goal is to complete most formal observations by Christmas break, if possible. Please email me with at least 3 days and times so that we may begin meshing our schedules. Thank you! :)

4. Professional Development Grant Guidelines

The PD Committee is eager to share the professional development guidelines and information with all faculty and staff. :) Here's the skinny:

  • Find a conference, workshop, or class of interest.
  • Determine anticipated total cost per person (enrollment, travel, food, hotel, etc. fee).
  • Total Cost Under $500 total cost per person = chat with Kris
  • Over $500 total cost per person = complete PD grant guideline/info paperwork

and email it to:

  • CLICK HERE to view, download and complete PD paperwork.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!


Kris :)