Egg Car Collision Project

Class of 2023 science fair project


Speed-How fast something is going

Force- The amount of pressure going down on an object

Inertia-The resistance of any physical object

Acceleration-When something is speeding up, slowing down, or changing directions

Potential Energy- energy that is stored

Kinetic Energy- energy of motion

Friction-the action of one surface or object rubbing agenst each other

Momentum-the speed gained by moving an object


What will be the most safe features to put on a car so that the egg inside won't break.


I think that a small container with kleenexes will be the best because the egg wont break with the tissue paper acting as an air bag and hopefully will keep the egg in place.


First I will build my car. Then I will make sure it measures to the right standers. After that I will weigh my car the make sure that it doesn't go above forty grams without the egg inside.

After that the class will test their cars three times and gather their data before the science fair. Then we will get everything finished and get ready for SCIENCE FAIR!

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Crash test

We did two trials on both trials my egg did not break it didn't even crack.


This is my data chart. the numbers mean the speed from when my car went down the ramp.


My hypothesis was right when I used a container and tissue paper to keep the egg from breaking it made the car go further and the egg never broke.

Car pictures

Picture 1-Side view of my diagram

Picture 2- Top view of my diagram

Picture 3- Top view of my real car

Picture 4- Side view of my real car

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