How to survive 6th Grade

BY Jesus and Jose

Welcome to 6th Grade

The first day of School will be like any other day if school. You get to see your old friends, and even make some new ones. You will be able to sit where ever you want in the classrooms, but as soon as everything gets settled over the few days, you will eventually get permanent seats.

After everyone in the class room settles down, your homeroom teacher will give you your locker number, and your locker combination. They give you about 10-20 minutes practicing your combination. If you can't open your locker, you may ask a teacher. But NEVER EVER GIVE YOUR COMBINATION TO ANOTHER STUDENT. This is for them not to get into your stuff.

You get your schedule on that same day after you've practiced your locker combination, the teacher hands you your schedule, on that day and the few days passed that the teachers don't care if you are late to your classes. It may take a few moments for you to find your classes. That's why the teachers don't care.

That's how you can open your loccker