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Warning Signs to Cyberbullying

- They may refrain from going online or using other electronical devices

- Avoid talking about what you are doing on the computer

- May look nervous or jumpy when they recieve a message electronically

- May discuss revenge

- Exits out of what they are doing if someone walks by

- Having trouble sleeping, mood swings, etc

- Bad grades

What it is and Why it is Different than bullying

Cyber bullying is bullying that happens by using electronic technology. This includes devices and equipment such as cell phones, computers, tablets as well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites.

People who are cyber bullied are often times bullied in public as well, kids who are cyber bullied also have a harder time getting away from bullies because it can happen whenever you are on the computer or your phone happens to be turned on, and in this modern age that is all the time for most teens to young adults. It can happen at any time. Cyber bullying messages and photos can be posted or sent anonymously and sent quickly to a very wide audience. because of this it is extremely difficult to get rid of the inappropriate images and messages after they have been posted.

Why Cyber bullying Happens

There are many reasons to why there has been an increase in cyberbullying; the main reason is because of the uprising of modern technologies. The four main reasons of cyberbullying other then technologie are anonymity, accidental, power and entertainment.

Technology gives us the ability to be anonomous. Being anonomous leaves the bully feeling safe seeings how they are most of the time untrackable. The bully may not have the strength to bully in person but with the mask of technology, he or she feels it is less harmful.

Cyberbullying can be accidental. An email, comment, or other form of electronic communication can get sent to the wrong person or be posted publically by accident revealing a hateful message about another person. It could say something personal about one person who didnt want exposed to the public. It may of been an accident and you may not have meant any harm but that doesnt stop the embarresment.

The main reason there is bullying is because they want to feel powerful or dominant over other people, the same is for cyberbullying, Sending imtimidating messages takes power away from the bullied and others who may see it. It is also away to take away power and dominance at any time of the day from the ongoing availability of technology.

Bullies may consider cyberbulling and other types of bullying as types of entertainment. It makes them feel smart, edgy and clever. Thinking of creative, and supposedly humerous ways to insult someone or embarrass someone provides fun for the bully. This motivates the bully to continue bullying and gives him or her and others entertainment.


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