Our Life Changing Experiences...

On Your Marks......Get Set......Grow!....... Murfreesboro, TN

The week of April 11th marked a special day as we added to the excitement by welcoming our new franchise location in Murfreesboro, TN. Guests came out in full force as our staff educated and introduced the new items to some of the new Slim Chickens’ fans. Our local Chamber of Commerce helped kick things off with a massive showing of 50+ attendees from the local municipalities that were delighted to hear about the our new opening from Manager Wes Sivley and the crew. Manager Jeff Lorick along with the rest of the team of associates have been working hard from Monday to Sunday as each day saw progressively strong numbers and many favorable comments. The busy day to day traffic that runs along N Thompson Lane adds to Murfreesboro title of being the fastest growing major city in Tennessee! All in all our number 32 location which is nestled just south east of Nashville is ready to deliver those Life Changing experiences to our new friends and fans in Tennessee!

Clean and Green ……… Little Rock & Hot Springs

On a recent visit to Little Rock, Arkansas, I had the chance to meet up with Director of Operations, Jason Saragusa. Having some success with SMG and his YTD OSAT score of 79% in Hot Springs, he explained to me that one of the areas he is trying to improve is Overall Cleanliness in his market “We have a cleaning checklist in place with daily chores listed. To give everyone a heads up on what their cleaning duty is for the day, we give them a note card with the area or equipment that needs detail. The end result is that the team member can address this throughout their shift and not wait till the end of the day to begin.” Jason and his Hot Springs location have started the year off with a 80% Overall Cleanliness score with this focus. “Understanding the importance of clean facilities and how it makes for a great impression adds to the positive perception received by the guest.” Great job by the Little Rock and Hot Springs, Arkansas teams.

Hot Time in the City….by Texarkana & Tyler, Texas

Never sacifice quality for speed is the motto for BBL Holdings, our franchise partner for Texarkana & Tyler, Texas locations. Mark Coleman, Director of Operations, says hot food hot and out in under 5 minutes, no excuses, drives repeat business. His guests would agree as one recent comment claims, "The atmosphere was great as I was greeted with a smile approaching the counter. The great customer service from Hannah R (Texarkana) was appreciated. Also, thanks for making sure everything was fresh & hot and I'll definitely be back!" Mark says comments like this have made the difference in seeing repeat customers return! "Who doesn't love hot fresh food?"

Executing with No Excuses……….......…… E Peoria, Illinois

In E Peoria, Illinois, creating the Execution culture from the start has been critical to their success. Dave Harris, Director of Operations, has had some consistent success cited in his SMG scores with Overall Satisfaction being consistently around 79%. He believes the effort made in tracking results with the staff's performance has been key in driving results. Tracking SMG Celebrations, Dessert Sales, & Large Drink Sales and then posting them up on a dry erase board highlighting the team members performances and giving recognition when due has helped to raise this awareness. There are times, however, when things don't go right and no matter how big or small the issue it is a common practice to get a manager ASAP to resolve the issue on the spot. To keep the consistency in motion weekly manager meetings are held to discuss these results and if necessary then corrective actions are taken. All in all, the whole leadership team and associates are clear on how they must deliver an exceptional experience to the guest and what it takes to impact satisfaction.

Fast & Friendly - Cornhusker Old Cheney, Nebraska

Our Old Cheney, Nebraska location has seen some nice improvement with SMG, lately. Success in the last 90 days with Speed of Service (81%) and an above system average on Staff Friendliness is beginning to set the tone for future success at this restaurant. Bill Hooks, our Director of Operations/Owner states, "Constant communication has been the focus as far as driving speed. Having one of the cooks always wearing a Drive Thru Head Set has raised the awareness of having that sense of urgency. As far as friendly service, the focus has been treating guests like they are in your living room and a focus on valuing their time. How do you treat your friends at a dinner party at your place? Recognizing that each guest had a choice to go out and eat lunch today and we were lucky they chose us. Value that visit and make it memorable. Last but not least is the constant focus and value of a quality table visit. GM Dave Hernandez has instilled this in the team and staff." Keep driving those Four Cornerstones!

Life Changing Stories...

I just wanted to take the time and let y'all know that the overall atmosphere and especially the customer service is excellent!!! We have been at least 5 or 6 times now. the food is always fresh and the workers actually act like they want to be there and happy to have a job!! Which really says something nowadays. Everyone there working was busy doing something. But once again excellent overall restaurant!

- Slim Chickens Fan

W Monroe, Louisiana