By Gracie and Emma who want a huskie puppy

Using And on Dogpile

Dogpile does allow you to use a space in between two words as an and. If you try the websites may only have one of the words instead of all of them.

Going to a specific site on Dogpile

Dogpile will not let you use site:org or others. If you try it won't understand what you typed.

Using Quotes

Dogpile will not allow you to use quotes. If you do it will show you sites with one or both words. It will not show them in that order.


- on Dogpile

You can not use a - on Dogpile. The word you don't want will be all that shows up. Including the other words you typed.

Positives and Negatives

One of the positives is that it will highlight the words you typed when it finds them. The negatives are that it doesn't allow you to use any special symbols. Because of these positives and negatives we would only recommend this site when you don't want to use any special features or symbols.