Technology Class

Anna MIttag



I learned that in Imovie you can add cool voice recording throughout your project. Secondly, I learned that you can take phenomenal pictures and videos in the app. I also learned that you have the option of adding prerecorded sound effects to your movie. Finally, I learned that you can add amazing text to your slides with themed fonts.


While working in Itrailer, I learned that they have a variety of different themed trailers, so you can pick the right theme for your subject. I also learned that you can add in your own great pictures and videos. In Itrailer, there are two parts, the Outline and the Storyboard. In the Outline, I learned that you can customize the movie name, the studio's name and logo, and the credits. The Storyboard has all of the text, pictures and videos that will appear in your trailer.

Haiku Deck

During Technology this year we used Haiku Deck, a program that most of us were not familiar with. I learned that there are different themes that changes your text to the style you prefer, the text also can be formatted into a title page, a list with bullet points, or a list with numbers. You can also change your background to a picture, chart, or color. The pictures can be from your camera roll, or from an online search that comes up with stellar images. Finally, I learned that you can change the layout of the slide so it fits the area you have.

Explain Everything

This year in Technology, we used Explain Everything, a screen casting program. Our Explain Everything project had to be about some thing we learned in school. During this project I learned a lot about Explain Everything, including that you can use a virtual laser pointer so your audience know where you are in the project. I also learned that you can insert pictures, videos, and files into your project. When you start creating your project, you get to choose a color template and when your finished, you can export your screen cast to your camera roll, to youtube, and more! This program also allows you to add text, that can be in different colors and fonts, not to mention, you can write in different colors as well. Lastly, you can record your voice into your project for the ideal effect.

Go Animate

Go Animate was one of my favorite program of the year because you got to create fun and amusing videos. When you first start a video, you first have to choose a theme, the characters and props that you get to choose from are based upon the theme. After that, you choose your background and adjust the characters and props so they fit your preference. Go Animate also allows you to have the characters say lines in different voices and with different movements, like walking, crying or talking. I learned that there are prerecorded sounds and music to add into your video for a professional effect. You can also add text and speech bubbles to your project, this allows the viewers to see the words, instead of just hearing the characters. A very cool feature in Go Animate is the tool to add scenes, with scenes, it looks like the characters are moving like they would in a real movie! Finally, I learned that you can add effects, like, theater curtains or camera shots. In all, this program is amazing!


S'more is a great program, because you can make magnificent flyers that will catch everyone's attention. After you pick a flyer type to use, you can change your theme. In this program the theme is important, because it also changes the fonts you can use, my favorite theme is vintage! Another option is to change your background, which, goes behind your flyer. Before you start working on your S'more, you can change your color, then you can start you flyer. In your flyer you can add text, titles, pictures, a gallery, an event, bio, an audio clip, a video, and more. S'more is a great tool to use if you want to upgrade the boring old paper flyers!

Anna Mittag

6th grade

Technology Class 2-2