Flower Experiment

Christine Piazza and Karen Nguyen


The flowers are dying.


The vitamin B12 will help keep the flowers live longer.

Our "Controlled" Experiment

For our controlled experiment, we got the same sized flowers, the same sized beakers, and put the same amount of water in both of them. We put B12 in only one of the beakers, so that's the only different factor.

The Line Graph

For our scale, 0 is the worst, how dead the flower is. 10 is great and alive. On our data graph, we went to day five, but for some reason, our graph didn't go that far. By that time though, the experiment went down to a 0 on the scale, while the control stayed at 6.


We reject this hypothesis that B12 will help make the flowers live longer.

Why do we reject?

We reject this hypothesis because by day four, the control group was ahead in our data. On a scale from 1 to 10, one being poor, 10 being alive and well, our control group was rated a 6, while the experiment group was only rated a 2.

Future Research

Based on the results of this experiment, we would try to change the water and B12 every day and see how that works out. We'll never know unless we try.