Kindergarten News You Can Use

February 19, 2016

Events to Remember

Feb. 22:

Six Flags Reading Log totaling 360 minutes are due today!

It needs to be signed and given to your child's teacher.

Feb. 26:

Class Picture Day

Feb. 29- Mar. 4:

Book Fair in the library

Feb. 25

Spirit Night at Which Wich

Mar. 3:

6:00-7:00 Open House

Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to Bransford! Students will be able to preview the book fair on Friday, February 26th and the book fair will be open for business during school hours on Monday, February 29th through Friday, March 4th. The book fair will also be open Thursday night, March 3rd, from 6:00-7:30, during and after Open House.

Parents can now check out our Book Fair website and can order their books online beginning Feb. 20th! By ordering on line , you can order at your convenience, with extended hours, and you can also be guaranteed to receive your selections even if it sells out at school. Books ordered on line will be delivered to your child at school. Click this link to learn more about online shopping:

Remember, all purchases benefit our school library.

Social Studies

We have been talking about United States symbols. We all made our own United States flag using the technique of paper piecing. Talk with your child about the freedoms that we all enjoy as citizens of the United States.


Your child is expected to know math facts to 5 this 9 weeks and to 10 by the end of the year. They also have to be able to count on to 100 from any number and to determine one more or one less than any number to 20. Opportunities to practice math present themselves constantly in everyday activities. How many steps does it take to get from the garage door to the car? How many more/less will it take from the front door to the car? You've been to 4 gymnastics classes this month and we paid for 10. How many more classes do you have? How do you know? We need 5 apples for Grandma's apple pie recipe but I only have 2. How many more will we have to buy? How do you know? Start at 29 and jump on the trampoline all the way to 100. Count out loud. Your team scored 7 goals. How many more until you get to 10? You had 10 goals and the other team had 4. How many more did your team have? Have fun with it. Do some silly ones: 7 storm troopers confronted Hans Solo. He made 4 of them fall down a sand dune and outran 2 more. How many more does he have to get away from?

Reading Tips

Keep plenty of reading materials in you home: books, magazines, newspapers, and comic books. Children enjoy having a variety of reading materials.

Check For Understanding

  • Start the book by making predictions. What do you think will happen in this story?
  • Ask questions and make comments during the reading process.
  • After reading a book, have your child tell you the events from the story in the correct order.
  • What was the problem in the story?
  • How did the character feel when......?
  • Encourage your child to make connections. Does the story remind you of another book you read about an event in your life?

We are so pleased with the progress that all of our students have made in reading. We hope these reading tips will help as you read daily with your child.

Bransford Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Hendry

Mrs. Romo

Mrs. Ryan