Water Shortages Around The World

What is the Global Water Crisis around the World?

Just to give you a picture 1 in 10 people lack access to clean water .The global water crisis is a time when water is very scarce, which is NOW. It is very difficult when you live far from any near water source like Africa,and some parts of South America are struggling with this crisis at the moment.

How is Water used Across the Globe?

Water is used across the globe for many purposes ,drinking is the main one, and many people struggle with getting the right amount of fresh water each day sometimes not even getting water.Other uses are bathing, watering crops for food ,and having access to a bathroom these are all things every being should have easy access to,But sadly do not.

What is Water Borne Disease?

Water borne disease is a disease caused by microorganisms in contaminated water.How to get water borne disease is by drinking contaminated water ,Which people struggle with around the world because they do not have access to clean water.The most common types of water borne is Amoebas,Cholera ,and Giardia.

What is the Effects of Water Shortages?

One effect is the that there has been a rapid increase of people on this earth that is why water is even more abundant .Another effect is, that due to geography climate and engineering water seems very flush in some places while others are facing drought.The effects of water shortages are increasing day by day.

What can you do to Help?

You can simply use less water in every day tasks.Recycling water is another good way to conserve water by,using rain barrels, don't buy bottled water, use a reusable water bottle, take less showers,, don't wash your cars every week maybe every 2 months.If everyone dose these simple tasks our world will be a lot healthier.