Fly me to the Moon

Join us for a unique experience

Rana Dickson Space Trip

Highlights of the Trip

Yes, you will be able to walk on the Moon, that's guaranteed. You'll be able to learn about the moon too with our friendly tour guides.

Features of the Shuttle

This luxury space shuttle includes; lagoon pool and water slides, spa, spacious suites, glass ceilings to view space, viewing area with glass floor, walls and ceiling, restaurant and buffet, kids club, games room and much more. Enticed yet?


The space shuttle will depart on the 25th of June, 2100. You will arrive on the Moon on the 27th of June, 2100, after a relaxing 2 day flight which allows you to enjoy the many activities and features on the ship. On the 27th to the 29th, 2100, you will be able to walk on the Moon, while learning about it when you go on the tour. We will arrive back on Earth on the 2nd of July, 2100, after another relaxing 2 day flight back.


You probably don't know much about the moon which orbits our Earth. So here's some interesting facts you'll want to know before you we fly you to the Moon.

We're going to fly 384403 km to arrive at the Moon. That's 768806 km in total, lucky we have a wide variety of entertainment to keep you occupied on the journey. It takes the Moon 27.3 days to orbit the Earth once. Gravity on the Moon is only 17% as strong as Earth's. This means you'll feel much lighter. The Moon is extremely hot in the day, reaching 107 degrees Celsius, whereas the night can be -153 degrees Celsius. Just as well you'll have your own space suit! There are many craters on the Moon. No, it's not because it's made out of cheese. Asteroids and comets collide into the Moon causing the craters to form. The Moon does not have an atmosphere, which is why there aren't signs of life and the craters and mountains are very well preserved.

For more information on space, follow the link below.


With the many advances in technology, you'll be able to fly to the moon with us for only $1000 per person. This is amazing value as almost one hundred years ago it was around $100,000,000. Wow!