Holy Sepulcher

"Church of Recollection"

Where and What

The church of Holy Sepulcher is located in Jerusalem, Israel. The old church is surrounded by other aged buildings in a part of Jerusalem called The Old City. This church is a little over 800 years old. The church is very important to the Christian groups because of the resurrection of Jesus. Many Christian groups worship there today as well.

Map of The Old City

The floor plan of the church


The structure of the church is much like that of our Capital Building. It has domed roofs and open rooms. It also features many center pieces such as the tomb. Lining the halls are columns with arcs at the top. Since the building was built in the 12th century the walls, the floor, and the roof are all made of stone. Some of the tombs and walls on the inside of the church are highly decorated with candles and other religious symbols.

Holy Sepulcher Interior

The History

The site where the church is, is the place were Jesus Christ was sacrificed, buried and rose from the dead. The church was built in 326 B.C.E. and then rebuilt in the 12 century. The church was destroyed by angry Caliph Hakim in 1009. Below is a picture of what is thought to be the tomb in which Jesus Christ rose from the dead.


This church belongs to the Christians because of the resurrection of Jesus. The main Christian groups are "Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Armenian Apostolic, Syrian Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, and Ethiopia Orthodox". These groups all believe that Jesus had resurrected. This place is a place of worship for the groups of the Christians above.

Why it is Important

This site is one of the most important sites for the Christian religion. The reason why is because it is the site where Jesus Christ was sacrificed and he was also buried in the tomb seen above. The reason why Jesus is so important to the Christian religion is because he is the Savior for his disciples and all other followers.