Powder room, Lady's-Gentleman's room, Lavatory

What is a bathroom?

A room containing a toilet and sink and typically also a bathtub or shower.
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Melting down old tires is an awesome way to make a sink. Not only are the resultant sheets easy to clean, they're only 1/8" thick and can simply be stretched over a form to give them shape, resulting in a super lightweight sink. Eco-conscious design of sinks is focused on functionality and the sustainable possibilities of home fixtures. The sink lasts decades but once its replaced, the sink can be recycled.

Plaster Showers

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Plaster walls are commonly made of organic minerals and water. Since plaster walls are natural, VOCs isn't released in the air. Plaster walls are water and weather resistant. Basically they will not rot over time.

Homemade Cleaners

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Being eco-friendly isn't just helpful by using homemade cleaners but its more safe. When you use your own cleaners, your protecting yourself from dangerous chemicals and all "HAZORD" warnings. Besides it being more healthy, using homemade products are not as costly as other name brand products.