VLAC Family News

December 23, 2022

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Upcoming Dates

  • December 26-January 6th Winter Break Oakland Schools Closed and VLAC Teachers and Staff are not in session
  • January 16th VLAC Teachers not in session
  • January 27 Last Day to Submit Semester One Assignments

End of Semester Notes

  • Semester one courses must be complete by Friday January 27th.
  • Semester two courses are loaded into student dashboards prior to the end of Semester one.
  • K-8 students if you finish courses early contact your mentor teacher to begin iReady prescriptive lessons in math and reading.
  • High school students all graded work must be submitted by the end of the day January 27th. Any remaining assignments will be turned to zero and reflected in the students grade.

State Testing Dates

VLAC Students take required state tests in person at our Waterford location. Please mark your calendars for the following dates:

March 14 WIDA for students designated as English Language Learners

April 12: SAT 11th Grade and 8th Grade PSAT

April 13 ACT Work Keys 11th Grade

April 18 9th Grade PSAT and 11th Grade Science and Social Studies M Step

May 1-May 5 3rd through 8th Grade M Step Testing

More communications will come out after winter break regarding testing.

Second Semester Enrollment Opens December 5th

VLAC will open enrollment online for new families second semester starting on December 5th. If you know someone who would like more information about our program please have them email us at info@vlac.org. We are able to schedule individual virtual or phone calls to provide information to anyone who would like more information.

Transferring From VLAC

Though we don't want to see you go, here are some things you should know!

If you plan to transfer from VLAC please give us a heads up by emailing us at info@vlac.org. We can help by:

  • Arranging for technology drop off/pick up
  • Providing detailed exit grade report
  • Providing exit grades or
  • Providing iReady diagnostic or individualized instruction reports
  • Meeting with receiving district virtually to share information

Technology Support Service Desk

If you are not returning to VLAC next year please make an appointment with technology services to turn in equipment. Click here to create a service desk request. Service desk hours are 7AM-5PM Monday-Friday. You can also email: osservicedesk@oakland.k12.mi.us or call at 248-209-2060

Contact the VLAC Team

Amanda McKay, Ph.D. Director VLAC 248-804-4366

Andrea Becker VLAC Lead Instructor 248-209-2079

Tina Bennett: VLAC Project Assistant 248-209-2071

Mary Kotcher: VLAC Office Assistant 248-209-2071

Technology Support: 248-209-2060