Kaitlyn Carpenter

What Is Carbohydrates ?

Carbohydrates is pretty much energy. Carbohydrates are sugars and starches, which provide energy for humans and animals, and cellulose which make up many plant structures. There are two types of carbohydrates, simple and complex carbohydrates. Honestly complex carbohydrates are much more healthier and keep you full longer. Carbohydrates also protect your muscles. When you need energy, your body looks for glucose from carbohydrates first. I think carbohydrates is the most important essential nutrient because you need to eat and build your body and stay healthly fit and with out eating ... you will die!

Examples Of Carbohydrates ?

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, grain products ...

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What Are Simple Carbohydrates ?

Simple carbohydrates are foods made up of one or two sugars.

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What Are Complex Carbohydrates ?

Complex carbohydrates are foods made up of three or more sugars.

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Other Things Cydrarbohdrates Do ?

  • Regulate the amount of sugar circulating in your blood so that all your cells get the energy they need.

  • Provide nutrients for the friendly bacteria in your intestinal tract that help digest food.

  • Assist in your body’s absorption of calcium.

  • May help lower levels cholesterol and regulate blood pressure.

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