Archives War of 1842

Events In Archives War

It all started in March 1842. Rafael Vasquez and his Mexican army found their selves in San Antonio, demanding the Texans to surrender their San Antonio town. The Texans were unprepared, they did not see this coming. They were forced to surrender their town. On March 10 1842, president Sam Houston called a quick congress meeting for the Texas congress. Houston had been fearing that Rafael and his Mexican army would end up in Austin. Then, Houston called another congress meeting at Washington-on-The-Brazos in the month of December 1842, and sent Texas Rangers Thomas I. Smith and Eli Chandler to Austin. The Rangers had an order to remove the Mexican army/ the archives. They had been unprepared for the Rangers. The Rangers loaded the Archives in their wagons and drove off. But not long after that Angelina Eberly fired a cannon at them. Then on January 1st 1843 the committee captain Mark B. Lewis got a cannon from his arsenal. Just a little bit after that, shots were fired, the Rangers gave up. The archives stayed in Austin until 1844.