By Chris joseph

When Italy joined th European Union

Italy used to be a independant country but then when they wanted to protect them selfs from wars they joined the eu European unoin

History of the Italian flag

The colors represented the republic of the north. The white and red is from the flag of Milan. The green is for the regions of the military. The flag was made in 1976. Green represented the countries plains and the hills. White was for the snow capped alps. And the red represented the blood split in the wars.
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4 major cities of italy

4 major cities of Italy are Venice because of the bridges and the palaces built on water.also Milan because of the large catholic cathedrals.and the the top ten most unique churches . Then there is Bologna it has the oldest continues operating university in the western hLf of the world. It was named after bolii a garlic tribe the last one is Genoa europes largest cities on the Mediterranean sea and the largest sea port.
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Italy was never part of another country it was always an independant country

Italy did not found the eu they joined in 1952

Italy is near the apls it is located at42n. 12e

The Capitol of Italy is Rome

Tourism places that places that you should visit are Vatican beacuase is where the pope lives. And Perugia because it is a great place to learn Italian and great jazz festivals .

Interesting facts and currecy type

The currency type prior to the euro in Italy was the lira they used between 1861 and 2002