Job Scope Updates

Quote Worksheet Enhancement

The Job Scope section of the Quote Worksheet and of the Rite Report Survey app allows the salesperson to communicate project requirements to the customer, to the install team, or to other internal users.

The Job Scope adds to the professionalism and expertise of the salesperson because the requirements can be defined between the salesperson and customer.


  • Suggestions for additional options within the Job Scope have been sent in by numerous Representatives to meet their organization's requirements
  • All Job Scope options highlighted in yellow are new
  • If the Job Scope is not needed for a specific project, simply click "Furnished Materials Only" to communicate this to your team internally
  • All new Job Scope options will also be added to the Rite Report survey app on Wednesday April 27th, 2016, but only newly created surveys will have the additions
  • PLEASE BACKUP YOUR RITE REPORT SURVEY APP before the new version is pushed on Wednesday April 27th, 2016
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Service Worksheet Update

  • Due to the additional Job Scope fields, the length of the Job Scope check boxes within the Service Worksheet of the Order Log has gotten too long to print
  • Job Scope Check boxes will appear on the Service Worksheet when viewing and can be updated and refreshed at that time
  • Job Scope Check boxes in the image below will no longer appear on the printed version of the Service Worksheet
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  • Job Scope Summary, which is a list of all of the "checked" items, will appear on the printed Service Worksheet
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