Privacy and Security Porject

-Clarissa Bueno

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When you have password you should make long by using symbols and numbers. It is also used to keep things safe for everything you will have. It can be use for any occasion such as bank accounts, Facebook, etc.
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Scams are basically fake websites that are trying to get all your private information. They want to know everything about you for example when were you born, how old are you, what is your license plate, and etc. You go to be careful and read exactly what you are getting yourself into.
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You can keep any information if you lock it and save it correctly. Everyone has their own privacy and everyone should keep it nice and locked. It is a place where you can keep things and private information just got to watch out what exactly you put.
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User Agreements

User agreements are things that you agree or decline after you have made a new account. It can either be good or bad, if you actually read and agree to it you will be fine. But if you are just one of those people who just press the agree button and doesn't read, then you probably would be regret doing it because it can effect you later on in life.
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When you make a new account and the user agreements come up and you just press agree and not read them, there a chance you just agreed on anything about pictures. For example selling your pictures on the internet, having to do anything with it, etc. You got to be careful on what you press and agree on because you need to be careful on your pictures.
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When you post a video make sure it doesn't go no where else and its private because it can go anywhere, where other people can see it and do other things with it as well. They can steal it, sell it to someone else to make money, and etc.